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Kylie W

Star Consultant


My Story

I'm the happy one, the funny one, the one people depend on, the one that keeps people together, the friendly one, the bossy one, the dependable one (mostly). My secret? My kick arse family and being an internal control freak. My why? Is my family. I have an incredible family and they deserve the best Child, Wife, Mum and Step Mum that I can be.

My #1 Why? My parents: I was adopted as a wee dot,  was raised as an only child to have all the qualities I have described above by two amazing people. My kind and caring nature comes from my Dad, my determination, humour and feistiness comes from my Mum and my generous nature and fun personality comes from both of them!

Things haven't always been so amazing. I finished school went to uni, got a bit lost BUT in 2005 my #2 Why? arrived:  #1 child. Like me she's happy, kind, caring and did I mention funny? She has an incredible soul and makes everyone smile.

After a few bumps along the way my #3 Why? arrived in 2014. They come in the male form, they are sweet, kind and funny, they make a big mess, then make it up to you with a smile and a burp and they are my gorgeous Step Children; #2 & #3 child.

They brought along my #4 Why? for the ride too, their Dad came stumbling into my life in 2014, sweeping me away into a caring, loving environment that I had once grown up in. He is determined, self motivated, kind, an AMAZING Husband, Father and Step Father,
he also thinks he's funny,, common theme? That of course brings me to my #5 why? Me! I want to be the best person I can be. I work full time in a job I love with people whom I think are just fantastic. My full time role is not people orientated, Scentsy has enabled me to get back and reconnecting with people who I know will love this product.

I didn't join Scentsy as a novice, I joined Scentsy as I feel I already  know the product inside out.

Two years ago I walked into the home of my good friend Michelle to be hit by the most incredible smell of Strawberry Swirl, I’d come to a party of a product I knew nothing about nor had I ever heard of, I was hooked. Slowly but surely my collection has grown - my original consultant Celeste moved on so turned to another friend (also named Michelle) who has been fantastic and has now guided me onto this pathway.

Walk into my home, chances there is an aroma in the air of one of my many favourite scents. Come join the too could travel, earn some $ and make new friends. So join me or just enjoy the products, it's up to you.

My Favourite Scents