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Kylie W

Certified Consultant


My Story

I didn't join Scentsy as a novice, I joined Scentsy as I feel I already  know the product inside out.

Five years ago I walked into the home of my good friend Michelle to be hit by the most incredible smell of Strawberry Swirl, I'd come to a party of a product I knew nothing about nor had I ever heard of, I was hooked. Slowly but surely my collection has grown - my original consultant Celeste moved on so turned to another friend (also named Michelle) who has been fantastic and has now guided me onto this pathway.

Walk into my home, chances there is an aroma in the air of one of my many favourite scents. Come join the too could travel, earn some $ and make new friends. So join me or just enjoy the products, it's up to you.

My Favourite Scents